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PinkFresh Studio April Challenge

Hey everyone! I’ve been incognito recently...I think it is partly Post Christmas craft let down and partly going through the paces of moving homes.  This was my first Christmas season papercrafting and I was not prepared for what happens after. It’s like you are in such a craft and Christmas frenzy to get it all done and then...poof. It’s over.
I had a difficult time getting motivated, something I kept seeing on all my fellow crafters blogs and posts as well. I decided to do what I tell my children, just take the next action and soon you will begin to feel the feelings again. So I decided to take the action. I reached out to my bestie and asked her to teach me how to scrapbook. I am intimidated by Scrapbook Layouts so what better time to just try it. Just take the Action!
I had just bought some product from PinkFresh Studio and decided to enter their April Challenge on the Scrapbook side (gasp!).  Here is my ver first layout, which I can’t wait to look back at one day!

I used a stamp…